Die Boskapel Wedding Photography

Garith and Renee’s Wedding at Die Boskapel

Oh man, was this a nice wedding!

Renee and Garith are two AWESOME people. It feels like I am saying that all the time, but I am just blessed with the most unbelievable brides and grooms!

I met them at a previous wedding that I photographed for Wade and Caitlin earlier the year. Wade and Garith studied together at university to become vets. Wade is now in England, but he and Caitlin travelled all the way to South Africa for his friends wedding.

This is in fact where Renee and Garith met, she became his Vet assistant at the vet clinic!

Renee got dressed at the beautiful Kleineweide Boutique Hotel. It was a nice relaxed morning, until her sister, who is her bridesmaid, got dressed and her dress’s zip stripped. I then thought this wedding was going to be late. But, she managed to drive into town, bought another dress, and still be early for the wedding. I didn’t know a woman can shop that quickly!

Renee and Garith’s wedding was at Die Boskapel, a beautiful venue just outside Pretoria, and a firm favourite of mine.

Their wedding was under the trees, you couldn’t get a more romantic setting. I loved it when their little dog brought in the wedding rings. And he was there for the rest of the wedding, sleeping on Renee’s dress when he got tired.

The photoshoot was nice and relaxed, that is until my stand which held my light up broke late in the shoot and the light nearly took the bride and groom out! But, no harm done, and we all had a great time.

The reception was also outside and it was a beautiful setting with all the fairy lights hanging from the trees.

That evening I ate the best meal I have ever eaten at any wedding in 10 years, the lady who prepared this is in a class of her own. WOW! Check out Trudie Jansen van Vuuren’s from Your Pl@ce. Email: atyourplace@gmail.com

Renee and Garith, what a privilege it was to be your wedding photographer, thanks for choosing me. May you have a life full of love and happiness.

JC and Timothy Crafford

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