Tshidi & Shebo’s traditional wedding in Botswana

This was the second of two weddings that Tshidi and Shebo had. The previous week they had their white wedding at Summer Place in Hyde Park in Johannesburg. 

This traditional wedding ceremony was on Tshidi’s dad, Tshpia’s farm near Lobatse in Botswana. It was time for Shebo to be officially welcomed into Tshidi’s family.

The Mothibatsela’s pull out all the stops on this one. They got a firm from Johannesburg to come over and pitch 50 luxury tents, each with its own shower and toilet for all the guests that were coming to the wedding.

The wedding started early when all the women welcomed Shebo into the Mothibatsela family. Later on all the guests were treated to some delicious traditional food prepared for them.

Later all the married men met in the kgotla where they were served another traditional food by the unmarried men.

They had a special Marimba band that came over to entertain all the guests with their dancing and music.

And after their two weddings, Tshidi and Shebo are now officially starting their life together as a married couple.

Congrats guys, we will always remember your tow beautiful weddings, and your always happy, friendly family and friends.


JC & Surika Crafford


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