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Jean & Lizelle’s wedding at Mellow Oaks in Roodepoort, Gauteng


THIS must be the two people that were they most enthusiastic EVER to get married. And two of the nicest people you will ever meet. There love for each other is so infectious you will want to be in a relationship like this if you are not yet! It was such a pleasure to be the wedding photographer for two outgoing people like this that love each other so much.

It was raining the almost the whole day, we eventually ended up taking their wedding photographs at the guest house where Lizelle got dressed as we could do it inside there.

They got married at the fantastic Mellow Oaks wedding venue in Roodepoort Gauteng, I live close by in Krugersdorp, so there was not a lot of travelling that day!

Lizelle’s dad is a real prankster, Lizelle asked him very nicely not to have any balloons on her wedding…she don’t like it, as a prank he tied a whole bunch of helium filled balloons to the top of the Porsche that was her wedding car. You should have seen her face when the car came to pick her up…haha. Luckily her dad gave her a scissor to cut it off.

Talking about the wedding car, the Porsche was also the car that was used for her matric farewell party. Their first date was Lizelle’s matric farewell party, Lizelle’s date couldn’t make it any more and a friend of hers knew Jean and arranged the date. It was love at first sight and they have been together ever since.

If you need someone to photograph your wedding that is just as passionate about your wedding as you are… give me a call.  I trade under my own name, JC Crafford Wedding Photography.


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