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Eugene & Sonja’s wedding in Groblersdal at Riverside Lodge


Groblersdal wedding. Friendly people and VERY hot!

Eugene and Sonja got married in the church at Groblersdal (which is very cool, you don’t see that often nowadays) and their reception was at Riverside Lodge at Loskopdam. A beautiful setting next to the river flowing pass.

Sonja’s room was the normal beehive of activity before the wedding, mother, bridesmaids, aunt, make-up artists and hairstylist, everyone there to make Sonja’s life easier and her day more memorable. Eugene hanged out with his two groomsman in his room.

We got a beautiful sunset in the bush, although Sonja had to do some bundu bashing to get on top of a “koppie” for the photos.

The evening was a lot of friends and family getting together and celebrating this lovely couples special day.

Thanks for inviting me as your wedding photographer Eugene and Sonja, it was awesome to spend the day with you.

I asked Sonja a couple of questions.

How did you meet?

We met at work. It started as friendship and later grew into something more.

Tell us about the proposal.

We went on holiday to the Cape region. During our stay in Franschhoek Eugene suggested that we go for a picnic at the Allée Bleue wine estate. While we were enjoying our picnic on the green lawns of the estate, he got down on one knee and popped the question. Afterwards he arranged a horse ride in the mountains while the sun was setting

Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember

I always wanted to get married from my church which we did.  And the fact that all our guests were attending was amazing.  Everyone enjoyed the wedding just as much as we did.

The dress

I didn’t want a fancy dress with all the bling and beading, I wanted a plain yet elegant dress.  I saw the dress in a wedding magazine.

The Flowers

I chose proteas for the wedding as we were married in Groblersdal which is a very humid and warm area.  The proteas also fit in nicely with my vintage theme.

Highlight of the wedding

Our first dance.  We went for dancing classes and we nailed the first dance.

Was there any drama.

When I walked into the church my father forgot to pull down my vail. Luckily my mother saw what happened and could fix it before anyone noticed. Luckily there was no other dramas we knew about.

The Honeymoon

We went to Bali and Singapore for our honeymoon. The first week we stayed in Bali and loved to relax next to the beach and to enjoy the view. After Bali we went to Singapore and enjoyed all the sights that this wonderful city had to offer.

Tell us about your photographer.

Well JC was awesome, the best photographer that we could asked for.  He was professional yet comfortable to be with.  Your wedding pictures are the only memories left from your big day and JC made it worth it!  We have the most amazing photo’s.

Who did your make-up and hair?

Charlene and Lenette from House of hair and beauty in Witbank was responsible for my make-up and hair.  They also did a great job.


Tel: 013 690 2566

Any other suppliers that you want to mention?

We would like to thank Churika Décor from Middelburg for the décor of the venue as well as the flowers.

Where was your honeymoon?

Bali and Singapore

Do you have any advice for other brides/grooms-to-be?

Don’t stress just enjoy the day, it passes in the blink of an eye

What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices?

I wanted something plain and elegant without going over the top.  The vintage look matched my colour scheme which was dusty pink and silver.

Photographer: JC Crafford


JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-1 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-2 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-3 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-4.1 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-4.2 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-4 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-5.1 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-5.2 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-5 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-6 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-7 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-8 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-9 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-10 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-11 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-12.1 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-12 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-13 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-14.1 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-14.2 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-14 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-15 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-16 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-17 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-18 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-19 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-20 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-21 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-22 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-23 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-24 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-25 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-26 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-27 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-28 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-29 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-30 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-31 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-32 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-33 JCCRAFFORD-Wedding-Photography-Groblersdal-34 jccrafford-wedding-photography-SU-1031 jccrafford-wedding-photography-SU-1032

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