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Galagos wedding photography: Johan & Hanja


Galagos Wedding Photography

Galagos, what an awesome awesome venue, it’s close to Pretoria, and must surely be one of the best, if not the best wedding venue in South Africa.

Johan and Hanja is a beautiful couple that will make any wedding photographer look good, and we were very fortunate to be their photographer and Videographer at their wedding. Johan and Hanja are two very religious people who clearly put God first in their marriage. Their ceremony was thus very touching and beautiful.

It was clear from the way they acted towards each other during the ceremony that they love each other deeply and that this is a very sacred moment for them. I must admit that I wiped away my tears a couple of times.

Johan and Hanja, I am sure that your marriage will set an example for many couples in the future, thanks for making us a part of your special day. All of us were aware of how special this moment was for you. You are a great example of true love.

May God bless your wedding and life’s abundantly.

You can view Johan & Hanja’s Wedding video highlights here.

JC Crafford Wedding Photography

JC Crafford Photography and Videography is a team of boutique wedding photographers and videographers. The business is family owned and three members of our family are already involved in the business. We absolutely enjoy being part of the passion, love, drama and everything about the biggest day in a couples life. Give us a call to discuss your wedding. We are stationed in Pretoria in Gauteng but regularly travel all over South Africa to Photograph and film this once in a lifetime moment for couples. You can read more about our wedding photography packages here, and our videography packages here. Or just browse our site and look at all the special people and weddings that we have photographed and filmed. You can contact us or join our social media profiles here.


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