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Duncan & Cassey’s Dragon-themed wedding at Acorn Lane in Sandton

Acorn Lane wedding Photography by JC Crafford Photo and Video DC

Duncan & Cassey got married at the absolutely beautiful Acorn Lane in Sandton.

They had a Dragon-themed wedding, which was VERY cool. I’ve never seen that.

Their story is actually very interesting:

They met speed dating three years ago but they actually go back much further than that. It turns out that Cassey’s Aunt was Duncan’s mother’s best friend growing up and this aunt is God mother to both of us. Their grandparents and parents all know each other. Cassey’s grandmother actually remembers having her in a carry cot at her feet while a five year old Duncan played in the pool!

Can you believe this? And they have to meet speed dating? LOL

Cassey and Duncan are just the two most amazing tranquil souls. I love them. There was no stress at all at their wedding. Everyone was just having fun and enjoying the wedding.

Thanks for choosing us as your wedding photographers and videographers Cassey and Duncan. We will always remember the very special day with you.


JC Crafford


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