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Uurpan wedding photography in Schweizer-Reneke – Hendrik and Odette

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Uurpan Wedding Photography

Odette phoned us a couple of weeks before her wedding and booked us as her wedding photographers and videographers. So, early the Saturday morning Surika, Timothy and I left our Pretoria home for Schweizer -Reneke. A beautiful part of our country to see, the only exception being the terrible road between Wolmaransstad and Schwiezer -Reneke. (I later discovered I had to travel through Bloemhof to Schweizer-Reneke) I’ve never seen a worse road in my life, glad we went with a double cab bakkie.







Luckily the stunning Uurpan Wedding Venue run by owner Jinkie van Zyl and the VERY friendly and hospitable people of Schwiezer-Reneke more than made up for the bad road. I must admit, I didn’t expect such a stunning venue in a small place like Schweizer-Reneke. Uurpan’s facilities and service is on par with the biggest wedding venues I’ve been to in South Africa. They also have accommodation available if you’re interested in having a get away wedding.

Thanks for the honour of being your wedding photographer and videographers Odette and Hendrik. We really enjoyed the time with you and your friends and family. Me you spend many happy years together.



I liked this windows in the church that Hendrik and Odette got married in. I immediately know this is what I wanted to do with their windows photo. I just later on took the photo that I knew will fit in well here.

I must admit there was a bit of Photoshop involved here. LOL. This Rolls’s grill didn’t really reflect like this.


Hendrik got married with his grandfathers wedding ring, he later exchanged it for his real wedding ring…nice one Hendrik!

This is apparently a tradition around here. Most of the farmers around here (like Hendrik and his dad) grow mealies. They use this instead of confetti when the couple walks out of the church. Rather a dangerous practise…this become mini projectiles in the hands of some guests…LOL. But I love tradition, so this was something I loved.


All the men at the wedding got a small bottle of brandy with Odette and Hendrik’s photo on. The women got a small little purse.

This is really special. Odette was the first bride in South Africa that got married with a white protea in her bouquet. The protea is South Africa’s national flower.


Sorina Erasmus was one of the wedding guests and sang at the wedding. Her husband and she is the most stunning and down to earth people. And I must admit, I never knew she is such an incredibly good singer, I just knew her as a very talented actress.

See what I mean with mini projectiles? LOL

Want to watch their video? You can watch it here

Hendrik and Odette went to Mauritius for their honeymoon. They had to leave the wedding at 12:00 to drive straight through without sleep to Johannesburg to catch the plane.

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