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Casablanca Manor Wedding Photographer

Arrie and Christine’s Wedding at Casa Blanca Manor

Arrie and Christine. What a dynamic couple. It was surely written in the stars that they must meet and get married.

They tied the knot at one of my Favourite venues, Casa Blanca Manor near Pretoria. Always beautiful, they always put in a huge effort and the food is always incredible. There are not very many venues like this around!

I went to Arrie’s house where he and this shoot out. After that, I went to Casa Blanca Manor where Christine was getting ready. Her room was a beehive of activity. And between all this chaos was a very excited and radiant Christine. She was making jokes and chatting with everyone. What a feel-good person she is. Her young son brought her into the church, what a special moment this must have been for him. Arrie was smiling from ear to ear!

After the ceremony they had the cake cutting, and what a cake. Have a look at the photos. I have never seen a cake like this. The reception was something very special. Arrie and Christine decided they don’t want gifts, they asked their friends to make donations to a charity organisation. In fact, at the wedding they asked for donations for this charity organisation, they collected R 250 000-00 at the wedding. This is such an awesome idea! A couple that not only think about themselves but other less fortunate people first!

Arrie and Christine, it was an honour and a privilege to be your wedding photographer.

JC Crafford

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