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Lavandou Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Donovan and Charnelle’s Wedding at Lavandou

The Happy wedding!

Donovan and Charnelle are just one of the happiest couples I have seen. They are always making jokes and are in a good mood all the time!

They got married at Lavandou Weddings and Events Venue.

We started our shoot with Donovan and his groomsmen we were getting dressed at a lodge nearby. The joke of the day was when Donovan tried to get into his waistcoat,and found that that it was a few numbers to small for him. You should have seen his face! One of his groomsmen had to travel back to the place where they rent the suits from to get a new waistcoat. They packed the wrong one for Donovan!

The bridal room was as efficient as can be, all within the time and nobody in a rush!

Their wedding ceremony was outside under the big green pine trees, a truly idyllic setting. Donovan, always one to play a practical joke, offered his right hand instead of his left hand when Charnelle had to put the ring on. She didn’t notice and put the ring on the wrong hand!

I was getting very worried during the ceremony. I could see the weather coming in and it was getting very dark with rain clouds rolling in! And we still had to do the photo shoot!

After the ceremony, we were busy with the shoot for about 20 min when it started raining…hard! Luckily for Donovan and Charnelle, Lavandou has some places inside where you can take photos.

The reception was one big party as friends and family enjoyed the union between these two beautiful people.

Thanks for using us as your wedding photographers and videographers Charnelle and Donovan. We had a VERY enjoyable day with you guys. (Not taking into consideration me stressing about the rain and the photo shoot!)

JC Crafford

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