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Terry & Vicki’s wedding in Parkhurst


Well, well. They say opposites attract. This is certainly true of Terry and Vicky. The first time I met them I wasn’t sure what to think. They’re not your normal couple sitting in front of the photographer with stars in their eyes holding hands.

But I’ll tell you one thing. These two have an INCREDIBLE relationship. It is evident if you just get to know them a little bit better.

Their wedding was as different as there personalities. Vicky got dressed at Le Chatelat Boutique Guest House and we also took some of the photographs of her, Terry and family there. Le Chatelat is one of the most beautiful places I have EVER photographed in. Thanks Sharon. After that they went to the Rosebank Union Church for a VERY private wedding ceremony (only 4 guests)

The next stop was NICE restaurant/books Tel: 011 788 6286. I don’t actually know how to describe the place…except that it is VERY nice there! It’s almost like a street café. They had another ceremony there for their friends that were invited to the restaurant. They booked the whole restaurant for the evening. The food, service, atmosphere, EVERYTHING was sublime. I just started photographing the guests when the owner called me aside. She had a bowl of homemade soup ready for me! I had to eat it right there and then. She must have thought I needed some extra energy!

When they walked out of the ceremony at Nice books they walked into a bubble shower that resembled a foam party.

Their rings were made of white ceramic.

Vicky’s two brothers were the MC’s.

The mother of the bride and Vicky delivered a speech. Vicky’s speech was so good, I actually felt sorry for Terry who had to speech after her. BUT….you’ll go far to listen to a better speech than the one Terry delivered. It was from the heart, honest and showed exactly what kind of person he is.

There were no dancing, garters or flowers…just a group of friends who celebrated the union of  Vicky and Terry. This is definitely on my list of TOP 3 weddings I have EVER attended. Thanks Terry and Vicky. I consider it as a VERY big honor to have been chosen as your wedding photographer.


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Hello Johan

Van AL die troufoto’s wat jy al geneem het, dink ek is hierdie genuine die mooiste/beste.

Wat n lekker verrassing om op honeymoon al ‘n paar fotos te kan kyk. Hulle is stunning, Johan! Baie dankie dat jy bygedra het tot die onvergeetlikheid van ons spesiale dag!
Groetnis, Vicki & Terry.

Hi JC,

these are trully stunning wedding pictures. As I know the venue Le Chatelat and I had the pleasure to be a guest of Vicki’s and Terry’s, I can relate to the pictures even more. Compliments, you are an artist not only in showing the bride and the groom but also to bring the mood of that special day across!

I will definitely keep your contact details,

best regards,


Thanks Ilona…they are two VERY special people, and I am honored to have been their wedding photographer!

Our very best wishes to a wonderful couple.
Also congrats to Johan on such beautiful pics,

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