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Talitha & Kavir’s two wedding ceremonies – On one day!


Not many brides are as lucky as Talitha Lala. She actually had two wedding dresses for her wedding to hubby Kavir. They got married in Lenasia on a warm November day. I was there early because they day started off with their christian wedding in Talitha’s white dress. After that ceremony it was back to the hairdresser and make up artist to get ready for their traditional Indian wedding late the afternoon…and her second dress. Most brides have nightmares just finding and getting one dress ready and preparing for one ceremony…imagine two. But their big day finished without any problems. But I bet Kavir and Talitha were very tired after all the running around. We did the photo shoot between the two ceremonies.

The only thing that I can’t decide is in which dress did she look more beautiful…you be the judge!

I must say, I’ve done a couple of traditional Indian weddings now, and I just love the colours, the tradition and all the symbolic behind it! It was truly a beautiful ceremony.

You should have seen all the people at the reception, the most I’ve ever seen. Respect to the people that had to organise, plan and host this big ceremony!

Kavir and Talitha, you are a beautiful couple, thanks for making me part of your special day!

JC Crafford Pretoria wedding Photographer

JC Crafford is a Pretoria based wedding photographer. We are boutique wedding photographers and travel all over South Africa to capture special people’s special day!


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