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Suhail and Colleen | Oakfield Farm Wedding

Muldersdrift Photographer and Videographer

24 April 2022.

It is Suhail and Colleen’s big day.

At the stunning Oakfield Farm. Where nothing ever seems to go wrong. Every wedding is a perfect day to remember for the groom, bride, and guests.

But let me first tell you where I got this wedding from. I photographed a friend of theirs wedding in 2019. Jason and Roxanne. Jason and Suhail weren’t friends. But Jason connected with Suhail via Facebook, thinking it is a friend he had long ago. They chatted for months on WhatsApp. Eventually, Jason invited Suhail to his house for a get-together with friends. Jason then discovered Suhail wasn’t the old friend he thought he was. But by this time they were great friends and remained friends. So Suhail liked Rox and Jason’s wedding photos. And they asked me to photograph theirs as well. I just love this story about how they became friends.

The two rooms where they are getting ready are a beehive of activity. Their bridesmaids and groomsmen make sure that they look like a million dollars.

When they got to the church Colleen couldn’t hold back her tears of joy anymore. Suhail’s smile seems to go around his head. He couldn’t stop looking at his beautiful bride.

We really enjoy the photo shoot, they’re natural in front of the camera. Their love shines through in every photo. Smiles everywhere. And Colleen has the most beautiful smile.

Guys, your wedding was SO beautiful. It was an honor to spend the day with you.

Thanks and may God bless your wedding abundantly.

JC and Surika Crafford

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