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Smitsfield Venue | Jemaine and Roelien

Smitsfield Venue
JC Crafford Photo and Video Smitsfield Photography W JR-45

I will remember two things about Jemaine and Roelien’s wedding. It was icy cold, and incredibly beautiful.

They got married at Smitsfield Venue near Ermelo. I have heard about Smitsfield, but you must actually see it to really appreciate how special it is.

Jemaine and Roelien are two awesome people.  They have lots of loyal friends, great family members and they are always looking after everyone to make sure they are happy.

They also had to postpone their wedding due to Covid, and they wanted to get married in the winter because Roelien likes the winter look.

I think it was worth the wait, they now had a wedding that they will never forget.

Thanks for the honor of choosing us as your wedding photographers.

We pray that you will have a blessed marriage.

JC and Timothy Crafford


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