Rosemary Hill wedding

We filmed Van Zyl and Lizanne’s wedding at Rosemary Hill near Pretoria. A  beautiful wedding full of love and friendship, this is obviously a very close bunch of friends and family.

Surika say it’s been a long time since she’s seen a groom that’s so excited to get married, Van Zyl just wanted Lizanne to arrive so that they can get married.

Timothy says Rosemary Hill has the best food he has ever eaten.

Have a look at the best man falling over the bed in the video clip. I laughed so much when I saw this. Whenever I needed a break when we were editing the video I watched this clip…and laughed every time.

Some special things at their wedding:

  • The ceremony was held in a nursery. VERY cool idea, this is where plants start to grow, and this is where their love as a married couple will start to grow as well

  • Box of Life.: This was the first time I saw this at a wedding (and we did about 160 weddings during the last 4 years) They wrote letters to each other about how they felt on their wedding day. These letters were sealed into a special box together with a bottle of wine on the wedding. Whenever things go bad one day they must open this box and read the letters whilst drinking the wine. (I must say, I don’t think they will EVER open this box, I think their grandchildren will one day find this box, open it, drink the wine, and read the letters with tears in their eyes while they think back about the incredible relationship grandpa and grandma had.

  • There was a table with two lit candles the whole evening. That was for Lizanne’s brother and Van Zyl’s father that passed away.

  • Each woman at the wedding got a Rosemary Plant. Just as rosemary gives taste to food, love gives taste to life.

Van Zyl and Lizanne, you are two VERY special people, we are so honoured to have been your wedding videographers. It was such a pleasure to have shared this day with you.

We just know that you will always be as happy as on your wedding day

Surika and Timothy Crafford
by: JC Crafford



Rosemary Hill Wedding – Van Zyl and Lizanne from JC Crafford on Vimeo.