Ricky and Lesley-Ann at The Nutcracker

Now upon first meeting this couple I was excited for their big day, they’re a stunning couple, inside and out and it sounded like it would be a big celebration and it didn’t disappoint.

How’d they meet?:

“I was having dinner with a friend at Ocean Basket. She told Ricky who she was with and invited him to join us for dinner.

Ricky decided to have a little looksie at who this Lesley-Ann was, and once his investigations were done, he told his flatmate that he was coming to dinner with him because he was going to meet his future wife. The rest is history.”

And how’d he propose?:

“How he proposed? My mother phoned me one Wednesday evening saying that on Friday, she was flying back from Cape Town and asked if Ricky and I would be able to pick her up from the airport.

We agreed and so, after work on Friday, Ricky and I went through to OR Tambo. We were waiting in the Arrivals area when all of a sudden, the screens in the airport started playing music and photos of myself and Ricky could be seen across all the screens. When I realised what was happening, I turned around and Ricky was on his knee with a ring in his hand. That was the start of the rest of our lives.

I am happy to say, that my mother was safe and sound.”

The big day:

The morning didn’t start out ideal for poor Lesley as every possible thing that could did go wrong. But she bore it all with a smile.

Now I was forewarned that Ricky would inevitably shed a tear and how could he not as his stunning bride entered the chapel.The ceremony was filled with laughter and smiles and quite the original gift giving from their priest.

And did you see the “cake”, these two made their own day special with delicious treats and the drinks were flowing as the couple shoot took place…there’s no way to make these two look bad. Thank you Ricky and Lesley from start to finish you were a pleasure and it was an honour to capture your big day.


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Stunning photos guys! What an amazing day!

The most spontaneous wedding we have ever been to!! Stunning pics guys! Love yous xx

What stunning photo’s and what a beautiful couple you guys make!!!

The pics are special and I am the proudest dad in the world–you are a wonderful and blessed couple. Look after one another for ever.XX

What a beautiful wedding, what a beautiful bride, and such a handsome couple! You make us so proud! Your photos are really gorgeous. Wishing you a long and happy marriage! Much love Di.

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