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Renzo and Tamsynn’s wedding in Paarl


I first met Renzo and Tamsynn in December 2011 in Cape Town, at that stage they have already booked me as their wedding photographer months ago…thanks to modern technology like facebook, websites etc that make it so easy to find out more about a person without seeing him of her. I remember two things about the day at the V&A Waterfront, my little two year old daughter was EXTREMELY naughty and I was VERY impressed with the two people I have just met, two down to earth, friendly and decent people. Tammy….the perfect lady!

I flew down (or is it up?) to Cape Town on the Friday evening for their wedding the Saturday and Drove through to Mooikelder in Paarl where I was to stay  for the two evenings. Thanks to the directions of owner Adri Louw and my GPS I managed to get there, it was dark when I landed, so I couldn’t see anything, but were I surprised the next morning, this place is so beautiful I couldn’t wait to start photographing there. Adri’s husband made me a HUGE breakfast. If you ever need a place to stay in Paarl, make sure you give Adri a call on 082 749 8936 or 021 869 8787, this is what a guest house must be like, friendly people, good food and beautiful surroundings.

Tammy and Renzo got dressed in Cape Town so I drove back there after planning where I will take all the photos for the wedding, they were getting married at Mayerskraal, but the photos were to be taken at Mooikelder.

I was worried about the rain, the wedding was outside, and their was definitely rain coming.

Eventually it was raining most of the day, but somehow we managed to get through the service without rain and we did the photo shoot during the rain, it was literally taking three photos outside, running inside because it started raining, three or four photos inside…and outside again. But we managed to get the shots

A very enjoyable reception, everything was very nice, but two thins I will never forget:

1: The lamb curry stew (I had two plates) and

2. The best MC I hace ever heard at a wedding, this guy must become a motivational speaker.

After the wedding I went back to Mooikelder for three hours sleep before I had to go back to Cape Town to catch my flight home. That was not to be….my wife was at a wedding in Thabazimbi and phoned me soon after I went to sleep, we chatted so long over the telephone that I decided it was a waste to sleep, it just got up and went to the airport and waited in the Mugg & Bean for the next 4 hours (try their strawberry cheesecake…divine)

Tammy and Renzo…you two are meant for each other, it was so nice to see two people that not only love each other, but also respect each other so much. Thanks for making me part of your wedding and your incredible group of friends and family, I will always treasure the memories of your wedding day.


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Dear Johan,

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude and thanks for our truly amazing photos, that will be treasured forever. As any bride and groom will say, your wedding happens in a flash but the photos you have captured on our wedding day will always remind us of how special and perfect it was.

The service you have provided us with from the moment we booked (almost a year before our wedding) has been exemplary and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you. Your professionalism, precision and perfection to detail along with flexibility and friendliness makes you so unique in the world of photography.

It was truly a pleasure to have you photograph our special day.

Yours in Photography,
Renzo & Tammy Maart – (07/04/12)

Candice Gain

Beautiful photo’s! 🙂

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