Oakfield Farm wedding: MJ & Ilse

Oakfield farm wedding photography by JC Crafford Photography - MI

What a couple, what a day.

It had all the ingredients to make the day memorable, a loving couple, a beautiful bride that arrived at the church with a horse cart,a very emotional groom and friends and family from as far as New Zeeland.

There are two things that I discovered about MJ and Ilse very quickly. They are always laughing, and always in a good mood.

They are loyal to their friends and they are two awesome people to get to know. Nothing that I asked of them during the photoshoot was to much trouble for them.

Let me tell you a little secret…

At the stables we were taking some photos with the horses. Ilse was standing next to the horse, and MJ was holding her. We were just waiting for the horse to turn his head towards the couple so that i can take the photo. The horse turned his head, I asked Ilse: “Kiss him” And she kissed the horse. (I actually meant she must kiss MJ) We all had a good laugh about that one. (MJ did get his kiss as well!)

Oakfield farm was their normal efficient beautiful self. Nothing ever seems to go wrong here. Good going guys!

MJ and Ilse, you are two special people, and you have a special love. May your whole marriage be as special as your wedding day. Thanks for asking me to capture your wedding

Photographer: JC Crafford


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Jenny Jansen Van Vuuren

Awesome, stunning Photos and a Beautiful letter you wrote to MJ and Ilse…..what a couple what a day…


Thanks Jenny! I agree, they are two very special people

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