Nicholas & Belinda at Perdekraal

JC Crafford wedding Photography Perdekraal

When we booked Nicholas & Belinda I was so excited. I’ve seen photos of weddings at the Perdekraal Wedding Venue and finally I will get the pleasure to photograph a wedding there, and I must say waht a awesome venue! I just love the place. The clouds loomed overhead the whole day. I personally thought the rain will stay away, but it did’nt. The rain luckily started slow towards the ending of the outside ceremony, and the ceremony could be finished before the rain was too heavy. I pulled the family inside for the family shoot, then after, the rain calmed down a bit, just enough for me to take Nic & Belinda outside for a few shots before the reception. The reception was filled with fun games and just all round a fun evening with truely great people.

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