Morena and Queen’s wedding at Benvenuti Function Venue in Gauteng

JC Crafford Photo and Video wedding photography at Benvenuti Function venue MQ

Morena and Queen is just the nicest couple ever. It was such a pleasure to be their wedding photographers and videographers on their wedding day at Benvenuti function venue

They planned their wedding and saved up for it for a long time, and then disaster struck. Morena was on his way to Queen’s house to pay half of his Lobola when he was mugged and all the money was stolen.  But they are positive people and wasn’t going to let this derail their plans.

Morena’s mom really liked our work, Morena said his mom was using up all her data in the months preceding the wedding to look at our wedding photos and videos. What an honour.

They were both still living with their parents in Vosloorus and both of them got dressed at their parents’ houses.

It was a BIG wedding. I think they must have invited everyone they knew. It was sooo sweet to see how much these two love each other.

And now they are Mr and Mrs Mabusela and their awesome life together has just started. Queen and Morena, thanks for choosing us to capture your precious memories, we will always have fond memories of your wedding day.

JC Crafford

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