Kleinkaap wedding Photography in Pretoria – Ettienne & Nicole

Kleinkaap wedding photography

What a beautiful wedding at Kleinkaap. Kleinkaap is a beautiful wedding venue in Centurion in Pretoria.

Her wedding was arranged to perfection by Nicole, a lady, I’ve learned, that only do things one way…the best way! And she always get people to go out of their way for her, and you feel good about it afterwards, simple because she is such an awesome person. Have a look at this wedding photos, a compliment to Nicole’s organising skills.

We were VERY worried about the rain. Nicole had a “fairy light tent” (lack of a better word) And this was outside. They first decorated all the tables inside, and when they saw there will be no rain…everything was carried outside.

To really do justice to this wedding of Ettienne and Nicole you can’t write a few words, you had to be there to experience the awesome friends and family and the atmosphere.

This was simply one of those spectacular weddings where every went 100% and all had a good time.

Talking about Ettienne, he is an adcocate, so he is quite used to talking under pressure, but his speech was a totally different ball game, have a look at the photos to see what he looked like. LOL

Thanks for having me as your wedding photographer Ettienne and Nicole, you are a beautiful, fun couple. I loved spending the day with you.

I asked Nicole a few questions about her wedding

How did you meet?

We met on our first year’s camp. We both studied BComm Law. We got allocated to the same group of first years. We became friends immediately. We had a wonderful student life and our friendship just grew stronger. We were friends for 10 years before we fell in love

Tell us about the proposal

I think Ettienne had the trouble of his life trying to keep everything a secret. Our diaries were so packed with events, that he surprised me by proposing on a Wednesday evening. I always said that when I get engaged I would love to share the event with my best friends and family. Ettienne arranged it all! We got engaged at Ingadi lodge and Spa in Pretoria. The setting was romantic, next to a lake. We walked down a beautiful aisle with candlelights (I thought we had to meet colleagues for drinks) and suddenly my parents, my inlaws and my best friends each came out with a rose for me. They all greeted me with the rose, whereafter Ettienne took my hands, took me right next to the lake. There was a beautiful heart made of candles. He got down on one knee, gave the most beautiful vows and popped the question. The rest of the evening was so joyful, surrounded by loved ones.

Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember

I had an outside wedding reception. Bit risky, seeing that it rained the whole week. But my day was a success. I had the most beautiful evening. I wanted a French inspired wedding with a touch of jazz. If I could give you a sneak peek of what we had, the movie meet Joe Black was it. The most beautiful summer evening party. The day was absolutely a dream, everything went smoothly. There were so many special moments, it is hard to describe.

The dress

My dress was inspired by the olenna design from Bridal Manor. However I asked a friend of my mom to make the dress. She is an old lady, but did the most stunning job ever! My dress came out perfect, just what I wanted! She was even so kind as to repair and clean it afterwards. The result of a wonderful party!

The Flowers

I wanted the bare minimum of flower as m décor was mostly fairy lights everywhere outside. However, I decided I want at least my favourite flower somewhere, orchids, all white. It was so classy! This was all done by flower creations, Nikki and John

Highlight of the wedding

Promising eternal love. Another 2nd favourite is definitely my first dance. It was under the stars and was later completed by a dance with fireworks. No-one saw us for that second dance, all the more joyful.

Was there any drama


The Honeymoon

What a treat!! We went to Mauritius where we spend our days relaxing in the sun, snorkelling in the most beautiful waters, para-sailing. It was soooo idyllic, with loads of amounts of cocktails. We were there for 5 days, where after we spend another week in the cape. I truly cannot decide which were better. We visited the western cape, sleeping over in paternoster. The most beautiful blue and white houses everywhere. We ended off in Paarl on a wine estate next to a lake. Beautiful and tranquil.

Tell us about your photographer.

JC’s wedding photography is very unique and it is for this very reason that we chose him to be our wedding photographer. He brings something to pictures that nobody else does. We have so many amazing pictures from our wedding that we are having trouble choosing which ones we want to use! If you are looking for modern, fresh and unique photographer, JC is your guy. JC is also very fun to work with, has an exceptional personality and conducts his business in an utterly professional manner.We will recommend JC Crafford Photography to anyone who would like to have their pictures taken for any occasion or special occasion.

Who did your make-up and hair?

Riani Roets, 072 962 4702

Any other suppliers that you want to mention?

Theo Britz fron softlight décor!! He managed to setup a huge construction of fairy lights outside, in the rain. It was the most beautiful picture ever.


Do you have any advice for other brides/grooms-to-be?

Dream big and create your dream! Create your dream wedding.

What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices?

I love neutral colours, my bridesmaids were dressed in different pastels, my décor was white and grey. And once again an explosion of fairy lights, the must have for any outdoor reception. Touch of French and jazz!!

Photographer: JC Crafford

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