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Joan-dre and Marli’s wedding at Leopard Lodge

JC Crafford Photo & Video wedding photography at Leopard Lodge JM

Joan-dre & Marli’s wedding nearly started (ended) very badly. But more about this later…

Their parents moved to Australia 11 years ago.

Joan-dre’s parents are Laubie and Laeticia

Marli’s parents are Gerhard & Mariette.

Laeticia and Gerhard were together in school in Randfontein…but lost touch after school

Unbeknown to each other the two families moved to a little town called Esperance in Australia. Esperance means HOPE. And these two families were hoping to start a new life Down under. By chance, they met in church one Sunday. And the two families became friends. Such good friends that Laubie and Laeticia’s one son, Renaldo, married Gerhard and Mariette’s one daughter, Simone.

A couple of years later Joan-dre and Marli fell in love, and it were they that were now getting married. These two families future were now really entwined.

Joan-dre and Marli decided they want to get married in their country of birth. They decided on Leopard Lodge at Hartbeespoortdam.

Let me tell you guys one thing, it is sad to lose people like this to another country. They are just the nicest, most decent friendly people ever. After one hour with them I felt like family.

After a fantastic day Joan-dre and Marli retired to their honeymoon suite, only to be awoken 2 hours later and to be robbed by men that threatened to kill them.

Thank God nothing happened to them, they were obviously badly shaken. But they were unharmed.

And how did I become their wedding photographer. Laeticia mistakenly thought i was a guy that was in school with her. He had the same name and surname that I have. We became facebook friends, and she discovered at the wedding I am not her old school friend. LOL

Joan-dre and Marli. It was an INCREDIBLE privilege to be your wedding photographer. I really hope we see each other again.

JC Crafford

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