Japie & Elandi-Marié’s wedding in Pretoria

Pretoria wedding photographer JC Crafford

Some weddings are just very special because the bride put a lot of effort into every small little detail. This was one of those weddings.When I first met Elandi-Marie she got me excited about her wedding, she was so enthusiastic about everything. I just knew this was going to be special…and it was.

She got dressed at her sister”s house where I met the whole family, good friendly people who put God first in their lives. I was there for less than a minute when they asked me if I would like to eat something! You could just see this is a close family!

They got married in the heart of Pretoria, at a church right next to Loftus Versfeldt.

I asked the Elandi-Marie what time the church ceremony starts…she said when Japie pitched up.

She and her friends prayed in a room at the church until the groom pitched up. The minister was Danie Botha.Let me stop here first. I’ve heard a lot of ministers, in fact, I listen to one to two a week. But this guy is in a league of his own. There is just nobody that I have ever heard that has an anointing like he does.

So, Danie carried on with the service which started at 14:30, at 15:00 Japie pitched up, and Elandi-Marie and the woman that prayed with her left their room and also went into the church.

The wedding photos was taken at the University of Pretoria, they both studied there and got special permission to take the photos there.

The reception was at the Hellenic Community Hall, Elandi-Marie’s special touch was everywhere.

She did the following which I thought was very nice.

No guest book: There was an old typewriter, and everybody could type a message on a sheet of paper

Bucket list: Everybody could write something down that the couple must do during their marriage, this could be a place they must vist, something they must do…etc. They would then endeavour to do all of those things in their lifetime…very cool idea

Elandi-Marie and Japie, you are two VERY special people, your wedding ceremony was special, and I just know your wedding will even be more special.

God bless!

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