Intundla Pre Wedding Photo shoot

I’ve known Teneale for a while (met her at a friends wedding, she was the bridesmaid) and she organised a couple of photo shoots for me at places that she worked.  I was thus very excited when she phoned me and asked me to do her and Steph’s pre wedding photo shoot at Intudla Game Lodge near Pretoria (they will also be getting married there)

Teneale is the Marketing and Sales manager at Intundla, and she invited us to stay over the Sunday evening. We thus had the whole of Sunday to do the shoot and drove around on the farm looking for the best spots.

Surika and I was there early on Sunday morning (in time for breakfast) Here was another surprise, when she introduced her fiance Steph to us Surika and Steph knew each other, they were each others dates at their matric farewell (and haven’t seen each other for the past 12 years) small world indeed.

The 4 of us had an awesome time driving around on the farm with a Unimog (and a cooler box full of beer)  photographing the couple.