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Karin’s pregnancy Photo shoot.


Karin and her husband Kobus came over for a pregnancy photo shoot in February. She said it’s not her time yet but she want to come over for the shoot now in case her baby is born early. …5 days later I received an email that little Elaine was born…3 weeks early. I guess she was jealous and wanted to be photographed as well with mommy and daddy! I did go to Kobus and Karin’s house this week to photograph her….what a little cutie! Congratulations Kobus and Karin…and thanks for allowing me to publish your pregnancy photos…may Lizette be a blessing to you! PS: Karin, I think everyone will agree that you looked fab for 8 months pregnant! Kobus…one don’t always see a man that cares so much for his wife, you are going to be a fantastic father.   undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

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