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Henk and Rita’s wedding at Sorex Estate


Henk and Rita got married at Sorex Estate in Pretoria and Rita got dressed at Klein Kaap Gastehuis, also in Clubview.   I can recommend both of these places very highly.  Contact me on 0741 334 755 or email me at if you need a wedding photographer that is just as passionate about your wedding as you are.

Make up: Done by the incredible Janell







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wow wow these few pics are amazing… just can’t wait to see the rest. johan your work is awesome. you are truly gifted, and very passionate about your work. rita and henk are going to be bowled over……. fondest janell

wow, speechless! You just get better and better! The pics are amazingly beautiful

christene de Bruyn

Johan dit lyk pragtig, jy toor met die kamera, ek kan nie wag om die res te sien nie, puik well done!

Dis is regtig stunning!!!!!!!

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