I tried the Fujifilm XE-2 and X100s at two weddings this weekend. Shooting at high ISO is very important to a wedding photographer…and some of these photos were shot at iso 5000. Awesome camera. I especially love the Macro function on it, have a look at my ring shot!

I especially loved to shoot at f1.4mm with the XE-2’s 23mm f1.4mm lens. And I LIKED the results, even more than I liked the results from my 1.2mm lens for my DSLR…and I paid more for that lens than this camera and lens together costs.

I’m still trying to figure the off camera flash setup out, I use that a lot at my weddings. All these photos were taken without flash.

Will I use this cameras again at my weddings, hell yes, my back doesn’t hurt as much carrying these cameras around. And they are really some of the best cameras I’ve shot with. I showed the two cameras (and photos)  to a number of people at my two weddings this weekend. Everybody was curious about the small camera, and the big DSLR’s and what the difference is) I heard that following words a lot, Awesome, WOW, Cool…and a couple I will not repeat. LOL

But, this is not suppose to be a camera review…there are enough of those on the internet, this is just  a couple of photos taken doing what i love with a camera that I love.

Just keep in mind that it wasn’t my main camera at the wedding…yet! I just used it here and there to take a couple of photos. I always like too think that a wedding photographer must be able to use his cameras instinctively, without thinking, almost like a F1 driver drives his car! And I only had these cameras for a very short while, still getting used to handling it instinctively!


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