Two weeks ago I decided to buy myself a Fuji X100s. Because I’m a pro photographer it means that I love taking photos. But to carry my heavy camera bag with DSLR’s around when I go out was not an option. I was also VERY frustrated with the quality of photos I got from my Samsung S3. I suppose if you take photos for a living you look at your quality of photos differently.

I needed a camera that was just as good, or nearly as good, as my DSLR, but yet small enough to fit in my man bag so that I can carry it around everywhere.

I read a lot about different cameras and sort of had my mind made up to buy the Fuji x100s. When I read that one of my fav photographers, Ben Chrisman has a Fuji x100s and loves it…I immediately decided to buy it!

I contacted Fujifilm in South Africa and got EXCELLENT service from Eslie Basson, their product manager. He organised that one of his sales reps, Chris, will deliver it for me. (Now THIS is good service)

From the first photo I took I was impressed. My wife was also VERY impressed with the money I’ve spent…It meant that she will now get more family photos…which I admittedly did not often take because it’s so cumbersome taking the DSLR’s out of my camera bag. My Fuji X100s is always at hand, I put it in my man bag and take it wherever I go.

Chase Jarvis once said.: The best camera is the one that you have with you.

As my confidence with the Fuji x100s grew I started using it more and more. To the extend that I used it for most of my partying and dancing shots at the last wedding I photographed for the year.It is just so easy to mingle with the guests with this camera in hand. I can really see me using this camera more and more at weddings. It is less intruding and the people don’t see you coming with this little camera, you look like just another guest dancing and partying.

Two things stand out for me of the Fuji X100s:

  • It’s amazing low light capabilities and
  • I can still handheld it at much lower shutter speeds than I can with my expensive DSLR’s

I used it at a wedding last week Wednesday as well, one of the guests came to me and offered me money for my Fuji. He said: “I just love these old cameras and I have to have it!” When I showed him it was actually a modern state of the art camera he was even more impressed..I think he already bought one on Friday!

There is only one problem now…my wife also wants a FujiX100s!

Here is some of the photos I took in the first two weeks.