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Frik and Charmaine’s wedding at Mellow Oaks in Roodepoort


Frik and Charmaine, salt and pepper, they just go together!

What an absolute pleasure it was to photograph these two. They are the kind of people that enrich your life if you’ve just seen them once or twice.

Their wedding was held at Mellow Oaks, as always the food was sublime and the service excellent. Thanks Sukie, Johan and your staff.

Charmaine had the most incredible wedding dress and a beautiful wedding car, an old Bentley, I could have taken pictures of them with the car the whole day.

Ds. Charl Botha gave the best wedding service I EVER listened to, thanks Charl, you gave me a lot of things to think about!

And Frik and Charmaine’s beautiful daughters…I shed a tear myself when they had to say goodbye to their parents for 10 days while F&C go to Mauritius for their honeymoon.

I really loved editing your photos Charmaine and Frik, I hope you like what I’ve done with it! For every photo I posted on this blog there were another two that I wanted to put on but had to leave out to not make the blog post to big.

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Pragtig dis werklik baie mooi dankie – jy laat my selfs beter lyk. Sou graag die foto wil he van my en Charmaine se pa het jy dit dalk? en ook een van my en Charmaine se dogter sy is my dogter se genant en ek sal dit graag vir haar wil wys. en laat my weet of ons so kan bestel en wat die koste is asseblief


The most beautiful pictures I have seen in a long while!

Your creative ideas and style is so elegant, capturing the escence of the bride and groom.

Your presence as photographer was never forced or noticable imposing – leaving the impression of “fly on the wall” scenario lol

Nicely done!

Kind regards

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