Franco & Jenny’s wedding at Gecko Ridge in Pretoria

JC Crafford Photo and Video wedding photography at Gecko Ridge in Pretoria FJ

We always enjoy shooting a wedding at Gecko Ridge, and if it is for two awesome people like Jenny and Franco it is even more enjoyable.

Jenny is a lady that knows exactly what she wants out of life, I enjoy a bride like that, it makes your life so much easier.

She even did all the flowers at the wedding herself.

Franco again is just the type of guy you like immediately when you meet him. They are a very good match

The board outside the venue that had the seating plan was something special, it had everyone’s photos on, very cool. Have a look at a photo of that.

Something I have never seen at a wedding before was a pony that brought in the rings. Jenny says she loves horses, and that is just something she wanted.

It was a smaller, but very intimate wedding. there were about 60 guests, I always think that is a good number (maybe because we had the same number of people at our wedding) because the bride and groom have time to spend quality time with all their guests.

Their first dance was something REALLY special. You don’t often see a first dance as good as theirs, they must have been practising for months. In fact. I have only seen a first dance as good as this once in my career as a wedding photogragrapher….and that couple was professional ballroom dancers and that bride was a dancing instructor.

Thanks for inviting us to be your wedding photographers, we really enjoyed your wedding and your company. may you be blessed abundantly in your marriage.

JC & Timothy Crafford




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