David & Gabi’s Wedding at Valverde

David & Gabi got married at Valverde Country Eco Hotel, still one of my favorite venues for photos.

It seems all the weddings I do here I enjoy the most. David & Gabi were so relaxed, enjoying every moment of the day, making my job to capture the day so much easier.  The day went great, with nice weather with some clouds in the sky, but just after the ceremony as I was busy setting up my lights for the photo shoot, it starting raining, proper downpour! The first thing I thought was how I have to keep Gabi calm, but to my amazement she didn’t freak out at all.  She was calm and relaxed as I suggested we wait a few minutes to see if it will clear up while the guest congratulate the couple. Luckily 10 min later it stopped raining and we could begin with the photo shoot. With the dramatic clouds in the sky I could get some great photographs. The rest of the evening was great, with a tight knit family with lots of love, and a great master of ceremony which made sure for some great laughs, one of the weddings where I laughed the most!

Thank you David & Gabi for giving me the honor to capture your special day. I’m sure you guys will have a very successful marriage and future with lots of love.

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