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Cori-Li and Bianca’s wedding at Casablanca Manor

JC Crafford Photo and Video wedding photography at Casablanca Manor CB

I’ve seen a lot of weddings as a photographer in 10 years. But THIS wedding. WOW, WOW, WOW. This surely rates as one of the top weddings I have ever photographed.

But let’s start with our bridal couple. The brides are Cori-Li and Bianca. Two beautiful, energetic and fun young woman. Down to earth and very much in love with each other. They made our day as photographers and videographers an absolute pleasure. Nothing could spoil their big day. Not even when Bianca set her wedding dress on fire when we were taking sparkler photos (Check the photos)

Cori-Li is the daughter of Kobus and Lynn Vermaak, the owners of the fabulous Casablanca Manor Wedding Venue near Pretoria where the happy couple got married. A wedding at Casablanca Manor is always a VERY special affair. But I think when your own daughter gets married you go into overdrive. Nothing was left to chance. Everything was well planned and executed with military precision. The food was unlike anything I have ever seen and tasted. And the decor? Well, let me say, only Casablanca Manor can do it like this.

It was as if you were seeing double the day, two brides, two dresses, two x make-up, shoes, jewellery etc. All very exciting and beautiful

Their ceremony was in a forest close by. At first, Bianca was brought in by her brother, and then Cori-Li was brought in by a very proud Kobus. Even their dogs were there. Both of them had a little sign on that said: “Dog of honour” They pledged to be together forever in the beautiful surroundings while all their friends and family were watching. Each with a specially made pair of dark glasses on with Cori-Li and Bianca’s names printed on.  Their wedding motor was a vintage 1936 Chevrolet. That was something really special. You don’t get to see a lot of wedding cars nowadays.

We did the photoshoot whilst the guests were enjoying the big spread prepared for them by Kobus and his chefs.

The evening was a huge success. Great speeches, tears, happiness and lots of partying and dancing. Just the way a wedding should be.

Cori-Li and Bianca, you are two very special ladies, and you are incredibly privileged to have a wedding like you had. One that Kobus and Lynn must have spent months planning.

Kobus and Lynn…RESPECT. I don’t know how you are ever going to better this.

Thanks for having us as your photographers and videographers, we will never forget this wedding.

JC, Surika, Timothy and Yolandi.

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I am stunned WOW WOW

Thanks Kobus. You guys did such a fantastic job with the wedding. We are still talking about it….and I thought we are used to weddings. LOL

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