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Cazz & Martin’s wedding at The Moon and Sixpence

The Moon and Sixpence wedding photography by JC Crafford Photography

The Moon and Sixpence wedding photography

Normally this is the other way around, but on Martin and Cazz’s wedding Martin was the one popping the Rescue drops, and Cazz was the one showing no nerves at all. Even when she was running late, and started with her hair 10 min before the ceremony was about to start, she was still chatting with everyone and having a good time with bridesmaids Storm & Holly. Nothing stresses this lady out!

These two are just the nicest people ever. Always considering the other people first. They are truly a great match.

They got married at the beautiful Moon and Sixpence in Muldersdrift. An awesome wedding venue with great places to take photos at.

Their wedding was all about celebrating the occasion with good friends and family, they didn’t have a lot of speeches, just enough. They asked us to have a Photo Booth there as well and everyone was just standing around, chatting, having drinks and enjoying the evening.

Thanks for having me as your wedding photographer Cazz and Martin. You two are such beautiful people inside and out. May your marriage be blessed in every way.

I asked Cazz a couple of questions:
How did you meet?
We met through a mutual friend Thomas. Martin knew him from high school and I met him when he joined the Benoni polocrosse team.

Martin and I knew of each other for almost 5 years before we officially met. We met on the 2nd of May 2008 when plans were made to go to Recess. We were introduced when everyone went to Martin’s house to pick him up but we only started talking a few hours later (we were shy people).

To this day there is still a debate about who made the first move. Martin asked me to take a walk with him but trying to talk in a loud club is not always easy. I thought he asked where Thomas was so I just shrugged my shoulders and replied with “I don’t know”. So Martin thought he was being brushed off. As for me, I feel I made the first move when I went and danced with him and he (Martin says according to me) just looked at me funny and said he was going to the bathroom. But it all worked out because when Martin came back he asked me to dance with him… and we have been together ever since.

Tell us about the proposal

January 2nd 2015, on our last day of holiday spent at Martin’s parents place in Hartenbos, We got up at 04:50 to watch the sun rise over the ocean. Sitting on a blanket on the sand, drinking coffee and having rusks, we were waiting patiently and hoping that the clouds would part so we could see the sun rise. Luckily we had a wonderful sight to watch while we waited: For the first time in a number of visits to that beach we saw dolphins. After watching the dolphins play and race the waves, the sun finally made its appearance and this is when Martin took his cue.

He turned to me, got on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. Yes was actually not

the first thing that come out my mouth but actually “are you mocking me?”. Martin laughed and said “no, I have a ring and everything” and I finally said the right thing… “yes!” and he put the ring on my finger.
Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember
I Think our wedding day was very festive. The food was great, the chapel was perfect and Lesmond who made sure everything went smoothly was a great help and very very good at his job. Most couples say how they never really ate at their wedding but that was not what happened to us. Lesmond asked if he could talk to us quickly so we followed him into the buffet room and he started dishing up food for us and escorted us back to our table to eat. Ha ha
The dress

White empire dress, slight sweetheart cut with rouching bodice with beading to the side and layered organza bottom

The wedding dress was very simple but it was perfect for me, I put it on and it was perfect. I only needed to make it shorter (the woes of a shirt girl)
The Flowers

My bouquet was dark purple calla lilies surrounded by light green orchids and the bridesmaids had the same green orchids with a large leaf pinned behind it.

They were perfect. We got the flowers for the arrangements in the chapel from a flower farm and my Aunty Heather and Uncle Roly (they call me their adopted grandchild because my mom grew up next door and they became like her other mom and dad) as well as my gran, mom, dad and aunt Sandy helped Aunty Heather make the arrangements. My Favorite was my bouquet (I saw a picture of it on pintrest and instantly fell in love with it) but two days before the wedding the flower farm got the wrong colours and wanted double the price so my Aunt Sandy and my gran raced around JHB trying to find the right ones. (all without telling me) And they got it right! It was a perfect surprise getting the bouquet of my dreams.
Highlight of the wedding

Martin says seeing me in my dress for the first time and for me it was seeing martin look so happy and handsome. But the entire day was just perfect. The chapel, the food and spending it with our amazing friends and family. What more can you ask for.
Was there any drama

Not the day of the wedding really, except me starting to freak out a little when I was still not in my dress when it was time for the ceremony to start.
The Honeymoon

No honeymoon yet, we saving to go next year. But we spent the night at the venue and our room was beyond beautiful and all the rose petals everywhere made it feel even more romantic.
Tell us about your photographer.

JC was amazing, not once did anyone feel awkward. He made everyone feel comfortable and he was very friendly. I might be biased but he takes the most beautiful photos. we looked at a couple before we found some of his photos on line and as we were driving out his driveway after meeting him Martin and I said yip this is the photographer. As soon as he starts talking you start to feel at ease and he talks about his photos like they are his passion, not his job! He is everything you want in a photographer and he goes the extra mile
Who did your make-up and hair?

My sister did my hair with the help of Lionet and Maryke (Martins cousin) did my make up as well as my bridesmaids.
Any other suppliers that you want to mention?
Rev. Stephen van Basten was very good. We got to decide what we wanted said and make it as serious, funny and spiritual as we wanted. It was also a great help that he does all the work for the marriage certificate. You must just supply the photos and so on.

Do you have any advice for other brides/grooms-to-be?

THINGS ARE GOING TO GO WRONG! But the day of your wedding non of that matters because you realize its what you doing that counts not how you are doing it. You are marrying the person of your dreams, the rest is just decoration.
What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices?

We wanted to keep it as natural as possible we believe less is more. As for the colour choices… Martin always wanted to get married in a grey suite and it is his favorite colour and I Iove dark purple and the green is just the perfect contrast to both the colours and what is more natural then the colour green.

Photographer JC Crafford

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