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Cape Town wedding weekend


What an enjoyable weekend. I flew to Cape Town last night for Tammy and Renzo’s wedding today. Booked myself in to the aeroplane, right next to the noisy engine, lucklily there was not a lot of people onboard so I moved.

Spend my time on the aircraft reading through some photography magazines on my ipad.

I booked in at Mooikelder guest house close to Wellington and Paarl, we will be taking the wedding photos here although the couple is getting married at Mayerskraal just around the corner.

Here is a photo that I took with my iphone and editited in Snapseed of Mooikelder, I always walk around taking pictures with my iphone and planning all my shots before the wedding, after that it is just a matter of looking at the photos again and deciding where I will place the people when I take the actual photo. If the bride is VERY nervous I will also show the pictures to her and discuss what they will do in each photo.



Up early this morning(0500) my two sone are doing a wedding in Thabazimbi and still have to drive there, I wanted to make sure they don’t oversleep.

At 0630 I was outside deciding where to take all the photos for the wedding, what a job, photo opportunities are everywhere. I hope we have no rain this afternoon.

Mooikelder has this beautiful old Cape Dutch architecture, and big old trees, as always I walk around with my iphone taking photos of all the places where I want to put my bride and groom in the picture.

08:30, I meet Adri Louw, owner of the guest house, what a nice down to earth person, you feel like old friends the moment you meet her.

I’m having a breakfast now, prepared by Adri’s husband Dawie, can this man cook…wow!

I’m going to drive to Mayerskraal next, look through everything there and look for more photo opportunities, get a couple of shots of the last minute preparations for the wedding,  and then I’m off to the brides house to photograph her getting ready.

Well, this is a morning in the life of a wedding photographer, what an incredible priviledge to have my job. I’m off for my drive in the beautiful Western Cape countryside. Then to the bride and groom for some photos where they’re getting ready.


JC Crafford



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