Did my first wedding in Cape Town yesterday, and enjoyed it tremendously. This place is so beautiful I am seriously considering to locate here. There is so many beautiful places here, you can almost point your camera in any direction and shoot! I’ll start by booking some wedding here and fly down for them. I have a family photo shoot with a dear friend of mine, Annemarie from La promesse wedding planners this afternoon in Noordhoek, will post pictures as soon as I can. here is a photo I took at Noordhoek beach yesterday, the biggest beach I have ever seen. We wanted to visit the wreck of the Kapako that stranded here in 1900, but that was to much walking for my little 2 year old daughter…next time!


A scene near Velddrif in the Western Cape, we had supper there for my wife’s birthday!

My daugher Miya at an abondened train station in the Karoo