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Bushwillow Glenburn Lodge wedding photography by JC Crafford – Hannes and Lindie

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It was my first wedding that I photographed at Bushwillow at Glenburn lodge. I like the place, my kind of setup. It is a big tented camp where you basically rent the whole camp for the weekend and all your guests can sleep over for the weekend. hannes and Lindie are the type of people who have lots of friends who like to party…and they DID party. Some weddings are very official, but there was none of this here. Lots of people sitting on the grass, chatting to each other, celebrating Hannes and Lindie’s union.

Lots of places to take wedding photos as well, I would definitely like to photograph a wedding here soon again.

O yes, before I forget, one thing I will never forget is Hannes’s speech. It was very good, but I have never seen a crowd giving a groom so much uphill during his speech. I almost felt sorry for Hannes. But you did well Hannes!

Thanks for the opportunity to photograph your wedding, I think one will go a long way to get such a fun bunch as you and your friends.

If you need a wedding photographer that is as excited about your wedding as you are, no time limit on the day, and whose passion (not work) it is to photograph weddings….I’m your man.

My company also do wedding videography, my wife Surika and son Timothy handles that part of the business. Can you imagine what results you will get with a wedding photographer and wedding videographer that work together to make your wedding a success?

JC Crafford


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