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Ben and Monique | Summer Place Wedding

Boksburg Photographer and Videographer

A very different wedding, one that made me cry a few times. This is the love story of Ben and Monique Norel. But this one is different; it is not only a story of love but also of conquering very big obstacles on the way.

Our bride is not an average bride or person. She has cerebral palsy, is wheelchair-bound, and has a severe speech impediment. Yet she managed through hard work to become a chartered accountant, and she has a master’s degree in taxation. And now she has become a bride to the love of her life. Her “giant” Ben.

Ben and Monique were friends at preschool. After school, they lost touch, and Ben then looked Monique up on Facebook. A beautiful friendship continued that changed into one of the most special love stories I have ever seen. A love story that has to overcome things that the average bride doesn’t even have to worry about.

Hats off to her mom Bernadette who raised this beautiful, strong young woman and was there for her 24 hours a day for her whole life. I can see where Monique gets her strength from.

Monique and Ben, your love story is unique and more memorable than anything I have ever seen or heard.

And of course, I must mention the fantastic Summer Place that put such an effort into making this wedding VERY special. You only need to look at the table setup to see how beautiful it was.

Ben and Monique, thanks for the opportunity to capture these special memories for you. We will NEVER forget this wedding.


Surika and JC Crafford

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