Back from my Cape Town Wedding

I really feel better this morning after sleeping 14 hours straight last night.

After Renzo and Tammy’s wedding in Paarl I only slept for one hour before driving to Cape Town International to catch my flight. ( Thanks to my dear wife Surika that chatted to me till two o’clock the morning telling me what’s happening at her cousins wedding that she attended in Thabazimbi!)

Yesterday was spent with my family in Pretoria, my mum had  a serious stroke and I’m glad to say that she is doing much better now.

As always I can’t wait to see my photos from the wedding, there is always some shots that you just know will be good and you want to see them on a big screen, edit them and send them to the couple to satisfy a little bit of their curiosity.

Here is two photos I liked, the rest of my day I’m just going to spend editing photos (on the public holiday) and tonight is movie night in the Crafford Household.

The beautiful Mrs Tammy Maart, I was on my way to another part of the house at Mooikelder to take photos when I turned around and saw this shaft of light coming through the door, I could immediately in my mind see Tammy on the chair in this photo. I just love this one.



This photo was taken right at the end of the shoot, the most difficult part of this photo was trying to find the way how to get to the stairs without climbing over the wall. By this time they were very relaxed and making up poses themselves. I always find that couples are very nervous when you start photographing them and after a little while they really start enjoying it and everything start to happen naturally, this is when you get your REALLY nice photos, another reason why the bride and groom must feel comfortable with their photographer.



Well, let me start with my editing.

JC Crafford

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