Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography in South Africa

We are living in a fiercely competitive world. A world where your website will first be scrutinised before a potential customer even THINKS about calling you to do business with you.

It is thus becoming more and more important that your website and especially the photos on there accurately portrays what your business look like.

“A picture speaks more than a thousand words” This expression dates back to a newspaper article in 1911 already and is becoming more and more important in the day and age that we live in. Nowadays everything can be searched for in seconds on Google. Businesses have websites, Facebook pages, Google+ pages, Twitter Profiles etc. All of them displaying photos to attract potential customers.

In your area only there are probably quite a number of businesses that do exactly what you do. Have you compared your website and especially the photos to theirs?

Have you got recent photos on there that does your businesses interior and exterior justice? Or are your photos a couple of years old? Maybe taken by yourself or somebody working for you without the proper photographic skills to make your business stand out? How much money are you losing if just ONE customer go from your website to your opposition’s website because he/she doesn’t like what they see?

Are your potential customers first reaction when they see your photos: “WOW…I’d like to see this place in person!”

JC Crafford Photography is a Pretoria based business. We also travel all over South Africa meeting customers needing our skills as architectural photographers.

We can really help you to portrait your business in the best possible light. Not only are we professional photographers whose passion and dedication to perfection will ensure that your businesses photos are exceptional. We also have a very strong marketing and advertising background which will help tremendously when photographing your business. We are able to see things from the customers viewpoint, thinking what’s important for them and what they’d like to see.

If you thus need professional photos taken of your hotel, guest house, lodge, wedding venue, conference venue, shopping centre or any other kind of business, please contact us to discuss your needs. Are you an estate agent that has a unique property to market and need unique photos? An Architect who wants his latest creation to look as good as he intended it to be?

We have the Photographic experience, passion, eye for detail, editing skills and camera equipment to put you in a different league than your competitors.

Here is a gallery of some photos that we have taken. We have photographed Intundla Game lodge, Misty Hills and Stone Cradle amongst others. Have a look at their galleries.

We also do videography. We can assist you in making promotional marketing  videos of your business and/or product. It is becoming increasingly important to not only have photos but also videos on your website. (Just have a look at the large number of video apps that is available on smartphones and tablets nowadays.)

Contact us today for a free quotation and first meeting. If  your business is not in Gauteng we can either fly down and come and see you or we can have a skype chat or Google Hangout! We are in our heart passionate photographers, whether we thus deal with big corporations or small businesses that needs a special photographic touch makes no difference to us.



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