Amadea Charity ball

Amadea Safe house for kids had their yearly charity ball on Friday night.

Amadea’s focus of service delivery is children in need. Abandoned, neglected, abused (sexually, emotionally and physically) disabled and HIV / AIDS affected/infected children who are placed in the care of Rina and Philip Malan by the Juvenile Court’s until their cases has been finalized.

Kona Brown – Mrs UN South Africa 2012 and Mrs UN International 2013 was the guest speaker. Kona, for me, is a very inspiring lady. Follow her on Facebook to understand why I say so. Marone Ackerman organised the glamorous event at the Voortrekker Monument amphitheatre.

I was REALLY surprised by the amount of people that were there, clearly a well organised event, indicating also to me that people still care about worthy causes.

Here is some of the photos I took at the event.

You can also view all of the photos taken at the event or order some of them from my shopping cart.


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