Abri and Elsa’s wedding at Morrell’s Boutique Venue

JC Crafford Photo and Video wedding Photography at Morrells Boutique estate AE

Abri and Elsa are the types of people who want things to be perfect, and that is exactly why they chose Morrells Boutique Venue in Randburg. It is simply one of the most beautiful venues in Gauteng.

We nearly didn’t have a photoshoot though. The rain was pelting down during the ceremony, and then it stopped just as suddenly as it started. Just in time for Elsa and Abri to walk out of the chapel where their friends and family were waiting with rose petals.

We went for a very nice shoot while their friends were having canapes in the garden. The rain left all the colors in the garden beautiful and saturated.

May your wedding be blessed abundantly Abri and Elsa

JC Crafford


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