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Wedding photography at Makiti – Zunaid and Naeelah



Zunaid and Naeelah got married at Makiti Wedding venue in December 2012, they actually got married a while earlier, but the party was only in December. A joyous occasion full of of fun, laughter, friends and family.

Naeelah’s make up  was expertly done by Glamouriché, tel 072 300 0786 e mail Her hair was done by Ivans, Tel 011 837 2882

THE LOVE STORY OF Zunaid and Naeelah in their own words

Unfamiliar faces we were yet familiar souls and hearts we shared. As young as we were we knew for sure that this was the real deal and who knew we would be sitting together today formulating our love story . Youth is what we had and what we made full use of to grow into our union today.
Relentless planning by a good friend finally resulted in us meeting.
The 10th of April 2002 was 1 of the best days of our lives. We made it official as a young dating couple, and to this day we celebrate it as our original anniversary.. Yes, it has been 10 years and 8 months. Of many things that’s strengthened us we’ve had tears, fights, complete happiness and joy and even through it all we love each other the same, as cliched as it sounds, as the first day we proclaimed it.

The rest is history, our story is truly a profound 1 and a book can honestly be made of it but what is certain and consistent in ours is Love, Respect and Happiness.

Naeelah and Zunaid are now 1. With a perfect blessing, our son Shaakiel. The Isaacs family…

Makiti Wedding Venue

A Makiti wedding is always something special, they specialise in weddings, no wonder that everything always go right at their weddings. Beautiful gardens make it a wedding photographer’s dream place. You can visit them at

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