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Usambara Wedding Photographer
Usambara Wedding Photography Kristy - Lisa Mari-77
We had so much fun at this wedding. Although the Weather changed the plans a bit the wedding was still a hit.
The original plan was for them to have an outdoor ceremony. The rain on the other hand had different ideas. Just before they were to walk down the aisle it started to rain.
The Couple and all the guests had to grab their umbrellas and run to the indoor chapel in order for us to continue with the proceedings.
After the ceremony, it stopped raining long enough for us to take some bridal party and couple photos.
The reception was fun and filled with the MC giving out shots for whoever got some questions right.
Tears and laughter followed an emotional slideshow from Kristy’s mom.
They danced, drank and played games for the rest of the night.
This is definitely a wedding that we won’t soon forget.
We wish you nothing but love, joy and happiness for you in the future.
JC and Timothy

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