Lesi Singing Restaurant Videographer

Terence en Tayln Surprise Engagement

Terence contacted us to capture his proposal to Tayln on photos and video.

He organized the most romantic candle lit dinner at Casa Toscana’s Lesi Singing Restaurant. Tayln was spoiled with starters and mains. The ‘main event’ was going to happen when desert arrived. The desert was beautifully plated with a “Will you marry me” message written in chocolate sauce. This would also be accompanied by balloons, flowers and all the singing waiters to serenade them while Terence asked the BIG question. We had to capture the moment without being spotted by Tayln.

I can’t describe how NERVOUS we were. At first we were nervous at capturing their special moment in very very dark settings, then we got nervous for Terence’s sake as he planned so hard to make everything special for Tayln. And then we were back to just being nervous about everything ha ha ha.

But everything worked out great! Tayln was surprised and cried most of the time, we got the shots and she said yes, making Terence a very very happy and relieved man.

Thank you for letting us share in these specials moments. You are an awesome couple.

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