Oakfield Farm Wedding – Warren & Rochelle


Oakfield Farm Wedding

An Oakfield Farm Wedding. Starring Warren & Rochelle. I haven’t met them before the wedding, but knew they were very special people the moment we met on their wedding day. Kind, generous and thoughtful are some of the words that come to mind if I think about them. We did the photography and videography at their wedding, it is always nice if our whole team work together.

I asked Rochelle what she want from her wedding photos and the first thing she said was…photos at the stables with the horses. That is the highlight of her life…her 4 horses that she has on their smallholding. Surika and I have been there yesterday to deliver her wedding video, you should see the magnificent horses she has.

Warren & Rochelle, it was so awesome meeting you guys and being your wedding photographer at Oakfield Farm, we are looking forward to spending many more awesome times with you in the future.

I asked Rochelle a couple of questions about her Oakfield Farm Wedding and how they’ve met.

Here goes:

How did you meet?

A friend told me about his friend that he wanted me to meet, and I saw the picture of him on face book, which was oh him in one of his bodybuilding pictures and I said no thank you not for me and a week later we met and have not been apart since

 Tell us about the proposal

He took me up to the Kalahari and we rode into the Kalahari on horseback and he proposed on one of the dunes with champagne and the sun set – it was the perfect proposal – me loving horses and he loving the bush

 Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember

Absolutely the best day EVER for a bride’s special day, everything went 1000% to plan, my dad walking me down the aisle and seeing warrens face, and they way he squeezed my hand.

Spending time with my bridesmaid getting ready. Having my mum out here from England

Friends coming from overseas to be with us

 The dress

Well that is a whole other story, I had it made by peter soldatos, and the Friday 23rd day before the wedding I was at his house waiting to fetch the dress.

I chose it out of a 3 dresses and when Peter saw it he loved it, my fairytale dress

Obviously it would not look exactly like the model had as I am not a 6foot model not as this as she but I loved the dress

 The Flowers

Could not have asked for better flowers or arrangements the decor company are super fantastic

 Highlight of the wedding

Getting married to my best friend and now calling him my husband

 Was there any drama

Yes but prefer not to say, it was the venue through but not going to let that ruin our day and memory

 The Honeymoon

Still to come Hawaii and Las vagas

 Tell us about your photographer.

The whole team was amazing….JC was chilled and me hating the camera well the pictures speak for themselves, they were there but not there if you know what I mean.

He has an amazing way with people and the camera

 Who did your make-up and hair? 

Sam Scarborough


If you want professional call Sam

 Any other suppliers that you want to mention?

Magnifique floral art that did the decor and flowers thank you for making my wedding special

The company that did my invites Vera she is amazing too

Peter Soldatos wedding dress designer

Do you have any advice for other brides/grooms-to-be?

Plan in advance if you are a stressed person.

I enjoyed every moment and did it all on my own, warren went with me to look at venues and to look at some decor places.

Remember it is YOUR day so don’t let anyone ruin it or do what they want including parents

You cannot do the day over and the people that annoy you cut them out.

Groom’s support your wife to be it makes a big difference

If I could be a wedding planner I would, if you ever need numbers or advice and I can help call J

Save if you are on a budget

 What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices?

Simplicity and as natural as possible which I think I achieved

Other people might not like my taste but then again it was my day!!

I had an idea in my head from when I was little and I got my fairytale wedding

You can also have a look at Warren & Rochelle’s highlights wedding video here

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