Natalie & Damian got married at Makiti Wedding Venue in Krugersdorp

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This must have been a physically exhausting wedding for Damian and Natalie.

It started the night before with a cleansing ceremony at Natalie’s parents house. The wedding day itself was a flurry of activities, with Natalie cool, calm and collected. This woman clearly thrives on pressure situations. Their wedding was to be a “fusion” wedding. (Natalie is Indian and Damian is not) They decided to have two wedding ceremonies. Both at Makiti Wedding Venue in the chapel. The first was going to be the traditional Indian ceremony, then an hour break, new make up and clothes, hair done again …and then a traditional christian ceremony. That also meant two photo shoots, one in traditional Indian clothes, and one in the other in a suit and white dress

Phew…and lots and lots of bridesmaids, family members and friends around enjoying the festivities.

A Traditional Indian ceremony is always something special to watch, lots of colour, lots of beautiful rituals. This time it was even more special because they arranged for an expert in Indian culture to explain step for step exactly what is happening and why it’s happening. The people simply LOVED it.

Outgoing people like Natalie and Damian are always going to have a lot of friends, and that was clearly visible at their reception. Everyone was enjoying themselves 100%.

This was truly a wedding that will be remembered by everyone involved for a very long time. Natalie and Damian, you are two beautiful very unique people that change people around you with your presence.

Thanks for making us a part of such a special occasion. Thanks also to both sets of parents. You guys made us feel VERY welcome with your caring and generosity, always asking if we were ok and if we need something. we love you.

I asked Natalie and Damian a couple of questions:

How did you meet?
We have no idea where or when we first met. We have a mutual friend, so it must have been at some braai or gathering.
We DO remember our first date though. It was a cross-dress 21st! Damian met Natalie’s parents dressed as a woman – fake boobs, wig and all!
Tell us about the proposal
30 December 2013. It happened as the sun was setting over the ocean as we watched from the top of Table Mountain. Damian got down on one knee, and told Natalie that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. It was magical .
Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember
Natalie- The way everyone involved pulled together to ensure everything was perfect.
Damian- That morning, i had a bombardment of feelings. until I thought and realised that today was the start of a fantastic friendship and commitment, one for the ages.
The dress
Natalie- Both my outfits was everything I had ever dreamed of. I felt like an absolute queen
Damian- although the sari and white wedding dress cannot be compared. I can vow that they were both exquisite in their own way.

The Flowers
Natalie – a King Protea. Royalty as I walked down the aisle to marry my King.
Highlight of the wedding
Natalie- When we gave our speech and Damian called me his wife and everyone cheered!
Damian- Definitely, two things that stood out was our speech and the bride/groom dance. So happy we pulled it off.

Was there any drama
Natalie- Yes, there was. But let’s not talk about it. I’ll get upset again.
Damian- Lot of behind the scenes drama, which you find out after. Then it’s a good laugh.

The Honeymoon
Natalie- Was magical. 11 days of exploring some of South Africa’s treasures. Drakensburg, Hluhluwe and Blyde River Canyon. All offering long walks on and along the Rivers, beautiful sights to be seen and peaceful natural settings.
Damian- Relaxing nature breakaway for some quality time.

Tell us about your photographer.
Natalie – Was a pleasure to work with. In retrospect, I should have co-ordinated a little bit better with JC, but he did a great job without it anyway.
Damian- The photographer was easy to work with and very helpful. We are very happy with the service we have received.

Who did your make-up and hair?
Natalie- Monika S- 0825220990. I don’t have her email. She was such a star. So happy to have had here there on my big day.
Any other suppliers that you want to mention?
No, we did almost all of the wedding things ourselves.
Do you have any advice for other brides/grooms-to-be?
Natalie- Make up your mind to be PRESENT at every moment of your day. Its tiring, but don’t space out. Focus on everything happening, so that you don’t go to bed feeling your day was a ‘blur’. Much better to remember what happened!
Pick people you TRUST to get things done to be on your bridal party. A lazy friend is no help on your big day!
Damian- The day is over in such a flash and a blurr, make sure you enjoy. You guys have done your bit with the planning, now just enjoy sharing every moment.
What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices?
Natalie- There wasn’t a real inspiration. We just looked at a few colours and liked mint.
Damian- We wanted a colour that would fit with the winter look, not too colourful and bright. Mint was perfect.

Our videography team was also there to film the event. Here is a highlight video package followed by the photos.

Photographer: JC Crafford


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