This story has now been removed. This was a testament of how much people in the world still cared. Ons 3 May I’ve put this blogpost and photos up and asked people like you to help this nursery school. Up to this morning just over 52 000 people read the blogpost and many many people reached out and helped these little kids. Estelle and Trudie phoned me on Monday to ask me to please take down this post as they feel they have now received enough. They felt that it would not be fair to take anything more as they got a lot of help and that there is now other people who is more needy who deserve the help they got.

These two ladies really worked very very hard during this period. At the height of this they got between 700-1000 calls per day of people offering help. Estelle and Trudie later on couldn’t answer all the calls and emails that came in, it was just humanly impossible. Remember it’s only the two of them…and they still had to do all the normal work they use to do as well as talk to the 100’s of people that pitched up at Mug and Tree every day to offer help and deliver goods.

People donated stuff from all over the world.

From my side a big thank you to everybody for your generosity and kindness. This was really an eyeopener for me  of how much good people there still are out there.

I will try my best to find another worthy cause that we can assist.

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