Woodlands Country Lodge Wedding Photographer

Marko and Monique Wedding Photos

Marko and Monique’s wedding was at Woodlands Country Lodge in Parys.

A very special venue, and a VERY special couple. I met them for the first time at the wedding. You always worry a bit what the couple will be like if you haven’t met them before. But, they are such awesome people, they made me feel right at ease immediately.

There was a lot of attention to detail at the wedding, and Marko and Monique went out of their way with all the arrangements to give their guests the best time possible.

We did the wedding shoot next to the Vaal River. There were a lot of people having a picnic there as well. Monique was quite a hit, everyone wanted a photo with her even though they didn’t know her.

The evening’s ceremony was a huge party of friends getting together. Lots of dancing and chatting. Marko’s friends gave him a hard time during his speech. He really battled to get a word in. Have a look at the photos. You will actually feel sorry for him.

We end the evening off with a night shoot.

Marko and Monique, you are two of the most decent people I have ever met. It really was a privilege to have met you and be your wedding photographer.

JC Crafford

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