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Joseph and Sanette’s wedding at Bronberg

How did Sanette and Joseph meet?


In Sanette’s words…

After living in England for 9 years, I decided to move back to South Africa in 2013.  Unfortunately things didn’t quite work out as I would have wanted and had to make the choice to return back to England in 2014.  Being back in England away from my loved ones I decided to give it one last try to find the love of my life. I joined an online dating site called and after a few weeks Joseph found me on there.  We texted for quite a few months and then decided to meet in person on 25th of May 2015. I can still remember the day we met like it was yesterday. It was a bright sunny day, which is very rare for England, I was walking up to where Joseph was sitting waiting for me in his bike gear.  When I saw him I knew he was the one and he knew the same. We had a meal at Nando’s and it was like we’ve known each other forever. From that day we’ve been together and although we’ve had our share of hardships, together with our Heavenly Father who we believe has brought us together and created an invisible bond between us which can not be broken,  we have gotten through it. We’ve also had some amazingly happy and funny times too and we can not wait to continue this journey together as one with our Heavenly Father as our ultimate Guide.

What an absolutely beautiful couple this is. So decent, so kind-hearted, and they are always prepared to put someone others needs before their own.

Like with their wedding, they flew to South Africa  and got married here, so that all Sanette’s friends and family can attend their wedding.

Unfortunately, Joseph’s dad is VERY sick and they couldn’t fly to South Africa. Sanette’s dad is also very sick and is wheelchair-bound. But he brought his daughter into the church in the wheelchair. Sanette’s brother was pushing the wheelchair. Sanette and Joseph and their family did all the decor at the church and the reception themselves. And it looked BEAUTIFUL!

The wedding was at Bronberg Restaurant and Venue in Pretoria. Sanette got dressed at the Farm Inn and Joseph got dressed at her brother’s house.

It was a small and intimate gathering of friends and family, just the way Sanette and Joseph wanted it!

The highlight of the evening for me was when Sanette and her dad did the father-daughter dance. Sanette basically just pushed her dad around in his wheelchair on the dance floor. So special.

Sanette and Joseph’s first dance was something REALLY special. You could see that a LOT of practice went into this dance.

It was SO awesome to be your wedding photographer and videographer. We just LOVE you two. May God bless your life together abundantly!

JC Crafford

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