Harry en Lollie’s wedding on a farm near Coligny

Oh my goodness. What an AWESOME wedding. Totally different from anything I normally photograph.

Harry and Lollie looked around at wedding venues when they decided to get married but eventually decided to rather get married on her dad’s farm. And I am sure thjis involved a LOT of arrangements. But it was SO worth it. This was simply one of the top weddings I have ever photographed.

They hired a big marquees tent and did all the decor themselves. When I pitched up there on Friday evening Harry and Lollie were there themselves to make sure everything is just the way they want it for the big day.

Their ceremony was in front of a dam between rocks and they built the stage themselves. They even had a golf cart there to ferry the people over the rocks to the ceremony from the parking terrain.

Lollies’ dad drove her to the reception in an old Landrover that they have built up.

The big moment was here. They have known each other for a long time, they actually went to school together although love only developed later. After the ceremony, we drove around on the farm for the photo shoot while the guests were having snacks (lots of it)

We had the most unbelievable sunset. When taking a photo a few hundred meters from the marquees tent I saw an off-road trailer between the bushes with the tent pitched. I asked them about it. Oh, they replied. This is our first-night honeymoon tent. That is SO cool. Who of you has ever spent your first night of honeymoon in such a way?

What they did next just showed me what kind of people they were. They drove to their worker’s houses to just go and show them what they looked like. Have a look at the photo. harry and Lourika were welcomed like royalty and everyone wanted a photo.

They started the reception part with their first dance under the open sky and fairy lights, so romantic.

The food was sublime. They had a company there to braai an ox on the spit, it was so delicious.

Harry and Lollie, you are two very exceptional young people. It was such a pleasure to get to know you and to be your wedding photographer.

We wish you all of the best for your future.

JC and Timothy Crafford

PS: Can I tell you guys one more thing? I have photographed a lot of weddings in the last 10 years. Everything was SO unique in your case. Maybe you must start a wedding venue on that exact spot? People will flock to it from the city!

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