Divan & Tanya’s wedding at Vivere Country House

Vivere country house wedding photography by JC Crafford Photo & Video

Romantic, fun, Party. That’s what best describe Divan & Tanya’s wedding for me.

From the moment I arrived at the wedding I enjoyed every second. Tanya had the most fun bridesmaids ever and Divan’s groomsmen are awesome guys, salt of the earth type men.  Everyone was making jokes and having the time of their life.

Vivere Country House just outside Pretoria on the east side. It was my first time here. But boy oh boy. What an awesome place. I LOVE, LOVE. LOVE it. Everything is just right. The bride got dressed on the first floor, overlooking the lake and the wooden deck over the water where she will get married. Her room wasVERY spacious and she could see her guests arriving without them seeing her. It is such a beautiful setting to get married right next to the lake.

Divan is very clumsy, and he and Tanya decided to prank their guests. They first gave him a fake ring, and her pretended to drop it in the water. There were a few people who worried there for a few seconds.

After the wedding ceremony we walked around the grounds of Vivere taking photos everywhere. I can spend hours here doing a photo shoot.

There was a little rowing boat tied to the deck, and I tried to convince Tanya to get into the boat with Divan for a few photos while they rowed around. She refused, and I kept on asking. (remember Divan is a bit clumsy?) Eventually Divan asked her afyter the shoot, and she said yes. We got the most amazing special photo with teh two of them in the boat rowing around.

Their ceremony was different. No tables and people sitting around it. Everyone was just standing around or sitting on the comfortable coaches having a fun time while the venue served an whole array of very  ell prepared delicious snacks.

Later the evening Tanya had the first dance with her new husband, on the wooden deck, in the dark, with only lanterns lighting the scene. You can NOT get a more romantic first dance.

Tanya and Divan. You are two very cool people. Friendly, caring, beautiful (Tanya) and handsome (Divan) I LOVED spending the day with you. Thanks for asking me to be your wedidng photographer.

Photographer: JC Crafford


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